Dorm Room Design Ideas

Bedroom ideas for college students 5
Most college students will relate to the experience of needing more space, more light, and more style in their bedrooms. Especially due to the fact that this might be the only place they get to call home while they get their degrees. In here, they get to sleep, study, distract,
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Looking Up For Inspiration: Unique Modern Wallpaper on ceilings


At first, you might think that using wallpaper on a ceiling is a terrible idea. Perhaps, if you use it wrong, it certainly can be. But used correctly, it can be the final touch for a perfect, cheerful, elegant, and cozy place.

These examples are proof that even the most unusual ideas can give great results, if they’re put to good practice. From dining rooms to nurseries and libraries, wallpapers on ceilings can enhance the atmosphere of any room.

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A Room In The Sky – In The London Eye!

Recently, Wayfair and Trip Advisor sponsored a contest to send someone to the London Eye and stay overnight in a first ever transformation for one of their pods into a full bedroom!  The contest gained a lot of  press and winners were announced in late March.  A lot of the
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