luxury dog house

It’s hard not to wonder why many humans spend more on their pets than their children, except for the fact that dogs are usually more worthy and loyal 😉 .   So for those dog owners that are looking for the pinnacle in pet treatment, there’s a hand made dog house made in the USA that will surely please any pooch (or human).  Enter the MDk9 Dog Haus by RAH:DESIGN.   Made with techniques and materials found in luxury human homes (Brazilian Teak, Powder coated steel & Concrete), surely anyone with a taste for high design will appreciate the construction of the MDK9 Dog Haus.  Available in 2 sizes – Mini 46″x30″x30″ and Large 76″x40″x36″.

Just know, puppy love like this doesn’t come cheap.   The Dog Haus starts at $3650

Buy Online @ RAH Design

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