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Best design ideas for your headboard

A headboard can be a blessing in disguise when it comes to design ideas. You can make it blend with the rest of the room, it can serve a double purpose as both headboard and furniture, and it can even stand out as a work of art.

Sometimes, a headboard is an artwork itself, and the rest of the room has to adapt to it and not the other way around. Whatever path you choose when you define the headboard for your bedroom –or the bedroom you’re designing-, the main challenge is to make sure your final results match the inspiration and ideas in your head.

These are some examples of what a well-chosen headboard can do. If you need your bedroom seem lighter and with a higher ceiling than what it truly has, then a simple, low headboard can be the best choice to make. This one, made of light wooden slats, gives a contemporary look. The fact that goes from one corner to the other and it’s not aligned with the center of the bed, makes the best for a limited space. This is something you could not achieve if the headboard was placed symmetrically.

unique headboard ideas
unique low headboards


headboard room divider
headboard room divider

A great way to make the best of a piece of furniture, is not only to use it as such, but to use its back side as a headboard. If the furniture is brand new, the material of the back side will be as clean as the rest. If it’s a used furniture, whose back side has already been damaged by scratches or any other thing, then you can repair it, paint it, or cover it with wallpaper or other material, so it doesn´t look uncared-for.  Source: Freshome

The headboard of the picture below is fulfilling a double function: to be a headboard (obviously), and to be the main wall of the design scheme. You can leave the rest of the walls in white, and direct all the attention to the headboard that goes from floor to ceiling, being this the center of the whole room. Besides, the textures and the three dimensional effect produced by the arrangement of the fabrics, make it for a great thing to see and enjoy.

Modern Headboard
Modern Headboard


upholstered headboard
upholstered headboard

A diamond tufted headboard is a classic piece of decoration. But if you wish to take the classics to a whole new level, then try making the headboard as high as you can, even reaching the ceiling if you prefer. It will make a powerful statement, it will be perfect for a focal point, and it will add a great amount of elegance to the room. A sober frame will add the final touch to the piece.


If your challenge is not a small bedroom but the opposite –a terribly large bedroom-, then a large headboard of dark woodcan work, especiallyif you combine it with a dark background, a wall painted with dark, solid colors. The room will look more proportionate, and the focus on the wall and the bedroom will make the eye forget that it has much more space to look at. This project made by East Coast Creative as part of The Weekener Series, is the proof that there’s no such thing as a bedroom too big to be designed.

Source:East CoastCreative

A simple, low headboard is one of the best choices when it comes to design a masculine room. A single panel, covered with a fabric of a solid, sober color, can make the perfect anchor for the eye and the main furniture such as the bed and the nightstand. It also brings balance when it’s combined with modern, low ceiling lamps, just like we can see in the picture below.

Low Headboards
Low Headboards

Source:D Pages

Who said that a headboard had to be made of a single piece? If a reclaimed door frame or a reclaimed door is too common for you, then why not using several reclaimed window frames? It’s a perfect way to turn this project into something inexpensive, friendly to the environment, and still give that rustic touch to your bedroom. All this without crossing the line that separates the simple from the boring.

Reclaimed Headboards
Reclaimed Headboards


If you need to save space above everything else, but still want to have a great headboard that brings the eye directly to it, then you can use a solution as simple as placing a colorful fabric at the desired height, just above the head of the bed.

What fabric should you use? A tapestry can be as perfect as a rug, as long it reflects the spirit of the room and complements the design scheme for the rest of the bedroom. You should pay special attention to the type of fabric. The texture will play an important part on the final result.


A reclaimed door might be the most common way to make a DIY project for a headboard. But the reason for this is simple: it always works. It adds a rustic touch to the place, and if you combine it with metal and some light, just like the headboard in the picture, the results are amazing. Perfect for an inexpensive renovation and a warm atmosphere.

Unique Headboard Idea
Unique Headboard Idea / Doors

Source:Cheaperand Better

There are many ways to make your headboard  look like a work of art, but this one is truly astonishing. The contras tbetween the wood, the walls and the ceiling with their white and gray colors is striking but not excessive. And the simplicity of the arrangement of the wooden ribbons makes it something worthy to see and enjoy.

Beautiful Custom Headboard Ideas
Beautiful Custom Headboard Ideas


At the end of the day, no matter how similar they are, when they combine with the rest of the design scheme, no two headboards look the same, or cause the same effect. Like always, it all depends on how you use this design ideasto make the best of your project.

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