There are so many kitchen gadgets on the market with more coming every day that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with them!   So when you begin to look into the kitchen accessory and gadget sections on websites around the world, you find things you had no idea were ever made much less gadgets that solved a problem that you never knew existed!

We’ve compiled a list of 10 kitchen tools and gadgets you probably never knew you needed!

Here’s our list of gadgets along with places to buy them:

C’UP Glass

Made in Spain by designer Ana Hernando, the C’UP glass is great for coffee, espresso or spirits allowing two different volumes depending on which side of the glass you use.
MSRP $65

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Cupa Rocks Tumbler

Cupa-Rocks is specially designed to create a swirling rotation that enhances the taste of your favorite Whiskey and entertain your dinner party guests! Each glass comfortably fits in your hand and holds up to 9oz of your liquors! They are great for everyday use, cocktail making or for dinner parties, receptions, weddings, etc.
MSRP $50

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Bunny & Character Popsicles

We’ve come a long way from the old school popsicle sticks!   Add some fun to popsicle making with these awesome popsicle molds shaped like bunnies, frogs, kittens, etc.
MSRP $16

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Decomat Decorating Kit

Why didn’t I think of this?   No kidding – have you ever tried to make those fun decorative embellishments that you see on cupcakes and other baked goods?   Just trace designs in chocolate and you have your own chocolate decorations!
MSRP $30

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Macaroon Baking Kit

If you love to bake and love macaroons you’ll probably know that they’re a little bit of a pain to make.   With this kit, make perfectly round macaroons every time!
MSRP $10

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Strawberry Huller


This is truly one of those kitchen tools that is for someone that has LITERALLY everything else for the kitchen. Not only am I surprised that people remove the centers of strawberries… but a tool for it?

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Ice bowl mold

There are ice molds for just about everything including scotch balls & shot glasses but this is definitely the most unique ice mold.   A faceted mold makes a modern looking ice bowl perfect for serving ice cream and fruit desserts.
MSRP $13

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Yolkfish Yolk Separator

Separating egg yolks can be quite frustrating.  There are several cooking “hacks” on how to easily separate yolks but nothing is as fun as this little gadget!

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Four Seasons Shaker Set


Not all kitchen accessories need to be so serious!  This set of 4 herb (and salt/pepper) shakers is whimsical and adds a bit of fun to the otherwise boring salt and pepper shaker set.
MSRP $13

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Kipik Tooth Pick Holder

The Kipik toothpick holder by MOMA is a genius (and cute) little device that sits on the edge of a bowl for easy and convenient toothpick access.  Unfortunately it’s excessively expensive for what it is at about $32.

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