Recently, Wayfair and Trip Advisor sponsored a contest to send someone to the London Eye and stay overnight in a first ever transformation for one of their pods into a full bedroom!  The contest gained a lot of  press and winners were announced in late March.  A lot of the various blogs that posted the contest and details had readers asking just what some of the products in the room were!

This all coincided with a project we’ve been working on.

In coming months, we’ll be publishing portfolios of incredible room designs with designer profiles and exactly where to pick up some of the best products used in their design!

Here’s a quick sample of how we’re going to make it work!   Just roll over some products and get more details!  (not all products will be featured initially)

Enjoy and let us know what you think.





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Mick O

The author Mick O

Mickey graciously contributes to Best Of Modern Design in many ways including inspiration and writing. As an experienced design professional, Mickey spends his days doing textile and pattern design for his custom home goods company. When he’s not contributing to our publication or designing fabulous textiles he can be found searching out some of the best pubs and restaurants during his extensive travels.

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