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Unique Kitchens – Backsplashes That Are Modern & Inspiring

A kitchen backsplash is an element that we often take for granted. However, they can make the difference between an average kitchen and a modern, stylish one.  But how do you achieve such a goal?

Traditionally backsplashes are made of tile, and if you want to make it stand out, a pop of different color or texture would normally suffice, but now sheet metal backsplashes are appearing in the trendiest of kitchens. (more…)

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The Overlooked Beauty of Subway Station Design & Architecture

High Design Public Transport : Beyond engineering, the architectural design of a subway station is an incredible challenge. After all, these are used by people, and people do enjoy –or not- these spaces, even when they’re not completely aware of it. Discovering the overlooked beauty in the Montreal Metro… Chris
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London Eye Trip Advisor Contest

A Room In The Sky – In The London Eye!

Recently, Wayfair and Trip Advisor sponsored a contest to send someone to the London Eye and stay overnight in a first ever transformation for one of their pods into a full bedroom!  The contest gained a lot of  press and winners were announced in late March.  A lot of the
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Luxury Modern Foosball & Billiard Tables

In the luxury and prestige market, there are plenty of products on the market to help the wealthy rise to the top including the expected accoutrements such as watches, houses, and cars.   Adding a $22,000 foosball table to the mix may be the ultimate way to show that you have "arrived". Price: Approximately $22,000 Available From: Designed By: Teckell / Italy
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