beosound honeycomb speakers

Upgrade your interiors with a contemporary look with Bang & Olufsen’s beautiful new wireless modern speaker system.

Launched at the Salone de Mobile in Milan, The BeoSound Shape resembles a honey comb formation in design and offers a unique alternative to the otherwise standalone audio equipment that might ruin your ideal aesthetic. The unique wall-mount design is one of the first ones of its kind and offers distinctive collaboration of audio and visuals. The idea behind this design is to bring together visual design and the ambiance of a space without compromising the technology that comes with awesome audio systems.

Fully Integrated Design

The design of these modern speakers consists of a series of hexagonal tiles in the color of your choice. Each tile hides  high end technical details behind its removable grille – an amplifier, a smart hub and acoustic dampers. The intelligent collaboration of visuals with the tech offers unique stylistic opportunities for all interior design aficionados. In addition, the visuals of the BeoSound Shape could be customized via seamlessly joined patterns, fabrics and colors.

Custom Fabrics

The trendy design of the BeoSound Shape is quite on point with the contemporary interior fashion. The styling credentials of these modern speakers have been awarded to a Danish textile designer, Kvadrat. The color schemes come in a range  beautiful monochromatic type cover fabrics. Furthermore, each color comes instilled with its customized texture and altogether, the visual dynamic is truly something inspirational.


Versatility & Sound Absorption

The BeoSound Shape comes in a set of eight tiles – 4 speakers, 1 core and amplifier each plus two dampers at a cost of about €4,000 (£3,400). Of course the open-ended design of these modern speakers leaves room for more tile fittings if you wish. The tiles are purported to be sound absorbing. The dampening material could even be removed and the empty case could be used to cover plug sockets.

A DIY Application

These modern speakers have been designed with an interactive user experience in mind. So when you go about installing your BeoSound system, it can always be a DIY venture.

A Game Changing Design

The innovation of the BeoSound Shape opens up avenues for new  wireless audio-interior technology and design. The hybrid nature of these modern speakers allows for maximum design utilization in the form of both aesthetics as well as function.

Wholesome Acoustics

Bang & Olufsen have designed the BeoSound with an algorithm called ‘Band on the Wall’ that easily spread audio acoustics across the full width of these speakers no matter the position. The comprehensive technology of these modern speakers is an invaluable addition to the genre of contemporary innovations.

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