Most college students will relate to the experience of needing more space, more light, and more style in their bedrooms. Especially due to the fact that this might be the only place they get to call home while they get their degrees. In here, they get to sleep, study, distract, relax, and sometimes even eat. So it’s only logical that they want to make the best of the space they have. This need is more obvious when they study careers like architecture or design. Many of these students, trying to solve their issues at hand, have set design trends for small spaces and in the field of furniture design. Their approach to problem solving has led to solutions that are now used in small rooms and small apartments everywhere.

Take your dorm room bed to a new level, literally

Probably someone thought about how much storage space is being lost by leaving the area above the bed without any storage furniture. By placing the bed above, you can reclaim this valuable space for storage, furniture, or a small couch. Now you’ll have a new place to relax and even study.

Source: Freshome

If you can’t elevate your bed, then another great solution to utilize some of that space is to lift it enough so you can place some drawers under the bed. The advantages of this? More storage space, it requires less effort, and you won’t have to climb a stair to get to your bed – useful thing when you’re truly tired, or coming home from a party. If you’re on a budget and not into DIY, you can simply store your items and cover the space with a nice fabric. It will look stylish and clean.

Mirrors: a classic way to make the space look lighter

This design trick has been used everywhere: from living rooms to restaurants, bathrooms and kitchens. So why not use it in a college student’s room? It will bring more light to the place, and if it’s a large mirror – like a full body mirror -, the room will seem twice its size. You’ll have no need to nail the mirror to the wall, you can just place it carefully next to the wall, and the mirror itself will do the rest. Besides, if the student is one who cares for their appearance, the mirror will be a necessary item.

Source: Bloglovin’

Use removable wallpaper

It’s widely known that college students don’t truly own the space in which they live in, so any design ideas that involve painting or permanent damage to the structure and the walls are quickly discarded. Fortunately, the market has provided us with some materials that are perfect to bring color to the bedroom and can be easily removed later.
Removable wallpaper comes in as many patterns and color as you can imagine, just like regular wallpaper. You can choose whatever pattern fits your style. Cover the place behind your desk, the wall beside your bed, or you can rearrange the bed and used the covered wall as a colorful headboard. Once your studies are over, you can simply peel it off the wall without causing any damage.

Source: Walls Need Love

If you have the chance to bring your own furniture, seize it

Generally, rooms for students are furnished, but it’s generic and it doesn’t reflect the student’s personality at all. If you have a place where you can store this furniture so you can bring your own, then so be it! It’s been proven that productivity increases when people feel more comfortable, and develop a sense of belonging to the place in which they work or study.
So, if the college or landlord has no issues, and you can bring your own furniture to your college room, then seize the opportunity and give the place an atmosphere of its own.

Source: Havenly

Tapestries on the wall will never grow old

If removable wallpaper is not your thing (or if the college doesn’t allow it), you can hang a tapestry on the wall so it can become the focal point of the room and bring some color at the same time. If you wish, the same tapestry can act as a headboard, so you’ll save some valuable inches – which seem irrelevant until you have to deal with a truly small room.
This idea is perfect for those students with a passion for handmade fabrics and bohemian spaces. If you combine the tapestry with some small lights in the ceiling, the atmosphere will change completely. The room will be stylish, colorful, and without damaging college’s property.

Source: F-Yeah, Cool Dorm Rooms

Use multi-functional furniture

Save as much space as possible and being comfortable are two of the main requirements dorm furniture. So if you can fulfill both of them with a single piece of furniture, then there’s nothing else to think about. Options for multi-functional furniture are increasing more and more in the market in recent years.

Source: Tico & Tina

It’s best to go for the small but practical furniture, such as a small table that can be transformed into four small benches, or a pouf that can be used as a chair, an ottoman and even a table if you’re just watching a movie and need a place for the popcorn and the snacks. An ottoman that allows you to store things inside is also a great choice.

Source: Freshome

If you like to keep it simple, then a multi-functional furniture like this one is a perfect choice for your room. The mattress can fold to be a small bench or a small table, and it can be unfolded later to be a chair or a bed. This is also a great option for guests to crash after a late night of “studying”.

Source: Go Downsize

Design a room fit for two people

It’s no secret that college students, more often than not, share their space with a roommate. Both will need storage space, light, comfort, and a place that looks as big as possible. So if it’s alright with them, a coordinated color palette or the buying of furniture that can serve both people is an added value that needs to be considered.
Of course, both students will have their own personalities and preferences when it comes to colors and decorations, but their needs will be most likely the same. So a closet that fits two rows of hangers, or matching bedsheets, can do wonders for a college room.

These are a few of the most effective ways to make the best of a college dorm room. They are mostly inexpensive and they will make the room a comfortable place with the right conditions to increase productivity when it comes to study and work.



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