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Dual Purpose Furniture – An Innovative Way to Plant Your Indoor Garden

Dual purpose furniture offers a unique design opportunity to infuse a small amount of greenery in your home.

Popularity of urban living has created more and more density with little to no room for green spaces in the mix. Small planters seem to be an easy fix but they can take precious interior space. So how does someone living in a small space enjoy nature in their home?

Designers have been inspired enough to work on solutions for this particular problem! There have been several innovative design concepts, including dual purposed furniture, which allows us to now grow small indoor gardens inside of our homes. These designs often include integrated LED lighting for plant growth instead of actual sunlight where possible – all integrated into functional furniture pieces. This concept opens avenues for more designs like this, which will allow us users to enjoy a little bit of green within the confines of small spaces.

Our Favorite dual purpose furniture pice is the The Coltura ‘Sunshelf’

The Coltura ‘Sunshelf’ is a series of wooden shelves that have LEDs installed as a design element to support indoor plant life.

The Colture ‘Sunshelf’ is an innovative dual purposed furniture alternative that allows you to grow an indoor garden without the need of sunlight and other outdoor essentials.

The ‘Sunshelf’ is modular stacking designed shelves that allows you to keep as many planters as you want within your home. Each unit is set up with 56 LED lights which provide a full spectrum of artificial light replicating the sun in order to help your collection of plants grow to their fullest. Its compact and modular design allows for easy installation within any home that has enough space for an end table or book shelf.

Available for $259

Unfortunately the only review on this nifty piece of furniture isn’t very good.   We’re hoping it’s a one off issue as this product is relatively new.

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