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The newest Apple Store in Dubai – Some Amazing Design Elements

Dubai’s new Apple Store uses giant ‘solar wings’ for shading and views

The design of the solar wings is inspired by a projecting bay window enclosed by decorative wooden screens also known as Arabic Mashrabiya. There are also full-size trees in planters that mechanically rotate to ensure the plants receive even sunlight. Seating is embedded in the planters for visitors to enjoy the view.

At Dubai’s latest and predictably minimalist Apple Store, motorized “solar wings” mimicking the motion of a bird is clearly the highlight. Designed by Foster + Partners, the two-story store has 18 carbon-fiber shutters that oscillate between closed and open, depending on the time of day. They’re folded shut during the day to provide shade, and open at night for views of the nearby Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. When open, visitors also have access to the 183-foot-long terrace.


See the wings in action in this video:

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