DIY Terrarium Kit - Lucky Gardenere

Lucky Gardener Terrarium Kit:

Everyone loves a beautiful terrarium but realistically it takes a bit of skill to assemble the parts and not make it look like a failed Martha Steward project.   

For people who lack the time to accumulate the parts for a great terrarium, Twig Terrariums has put together a great and affordable DIY kit that includes all of the accoutrements needed for a beautiful conversation piece terrarium.

From Twig Terrarium:

This private botanical garden is designed just for you: the unlucky plant person, the timid terrarium maker, the bad news botanist. We offer you unlucky plant enthusiasts a second chance to become a lucky gardener with this kit. From hardy terrarium plant seeds, the proprietary soil mix, months of testing, and terrarium vessel shape, each aspect of this DIY conservatory is designed to thrive! Organic wood and glass vessel include all the necessary terrarium layers, as well as embellishments such as black lichen, reindeer moss, lichen branch, and a couple of cute bunny terrarium dwellers for extra luck.

  • Dimensions: 7″ wide x 14″ high
  • Material: Glass

For approximately $85, this can be yours from various online stores.   Buy Online

A great video about the creator of  Twig Terrariums:

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