Strolling by some of our favorite eateries in Amsterdam, I saw in a window one previously overlooked piece of awesome. I had no idea what someone was thinking when they put a bunch of pipes on a wall and made an incredible light fixture with them. I quickly forgot about it until I came across this insane fixture on the &tradition website. I was excited as ever that it was something you could actually purchase rather than attempt to create from scratch!

Designed by Ontwerpduo in The Netherlands

The Light Forest fixture is made of extruded aluminum tubes that can be placed anywhere on walls and ceilings even bending around corners and beams to bring light points to difficult to access areas. The lamp shades are made from spun copper and produce a warm beautiful light – all with amazing style. The only limits with this product is your imagination.

We thought about climbing plants entering your room in one spot, slowly growing across the ceilings and walls, and blossoming into flowers of light.

Sold online and in stores for approximately $1200

Find additional details online Purchase online

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Phil loves beautiful things! In nearly 15 years, he started several successful high end home goods companies and sold them when the time was right. Coming from a background of e-commerce and product selection for the luxury home goods market, Phil has chosen to use his eye for amazing things and share them with the world. Now Phil exclusively works with Best Of Modern Design to locate some of the most interesting products, designs, and artisans to feature. In his spare time, Phil travels to places to experience local food, drink and customs. He’s been to more than 15 countries and a half a dozen islands.

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