Looking Up For Inspiration: Unique Modern Wallpaper on ceilings

At first, you might think that using wallpaper on a ceiling is a terrible idea. Perhaps, if you use it wrong, it certainly can be. But used correctly, it can be the final touch for a perfect, cheerful, elegant, and cozy place.

These examples are proof that even the most unusual ideas can give great results, if they’re put to good practice. From dining rooms to nurseries and libraries, wallpapers on ceilings can enhance the atmosphere of any room.

Why would you want a wallpaper on your ceiling?

If you need to make a space look larger and lighter, but maintain the sense of scale, you could choose a combination of white walls, light wood floor, and a dark but cozy wallpaper with and elegant pattern on the ceiling. A great example is this design from Halcin + Associates for a suburban house in Newton, Massachusetts.

Wallpaper for interior celiings
Source: Hacin + Associates

Source: Hacin + Associates

If you want to complement your color palette with a pattern, but don’t wish to spoil the modern  appearance of the space, you can choose the most distinctive color of your palette and let it be the main color of your wallpaper. The pattern will complete the color scheme and attract only the right amount of attention, just like we can see in the picture below.

Source: House Beautiful via Lulus

More often than not, you find yourself wanting to buy a colorful, striking chair, or an equally flamboyant carpet, but you know they will look terrible in your house because nothing can complement them. If you find a wallpaper with a pattern that matches the color of those objects, then you will have a color scheme that can be completed with a neutral color, just like they managed to do in this dining room.

Wallpapers in the ceiling-3
Source: Lulus

Just like the previous example, furniture can give you the starting point to put your design scheme together. If you wish to create a sober, elegant space that only shows the right amount of color and a subtle, sophisticated pattern, you can follow the lead set by Rafael de Cárdenas in his design for a London apartment. The wallpaper, that could be a double-edged sword if it was on the walls, proved to be perfect in the ceiling of this room.

Source: Lulus

If a space needs to be sober and somewhat dark, then a light wallpaper can be the perfect element to create contrast and make the ceiling look higher. Besides, it will reflect any natural light that comes through the windows and the place will feel cozy instead of uncomfortably small.  A perfect example is this library, whose designer Jeanette Whitson conceived as a jewel box.

Wallpapers for the ceiling 2
Source: House Beautiful

Some wallpapers can be the doom of any room if they’re placed on the walls, but on the ceiling,  they can be the perfect touch of color and fun. This is a great idea to decorate kids rooms. They will be fun, colorful, and the walls and furniture can change as the kids grow without needing to change the wallpaper.

Modern Nursury
Source: Domino

Some places need to be quite calm, sober, and maybe even solemn. But even these spaces need some color. Designer Courtney Lake, from Homepolish, managed to add some striking patterns to a nursery, without taking away the spirit that comes with the birth of a baby and the calm that is so needed by him and his parents.

ceiling wallpaper
Source: Lulus

A great way to design a fun and colorful room for a child – and still make sure it will be a proper room once the child grows up – is using white walls and a wallpaper in the ceiling with really small patterns in different colors. The pattern could be the base for different color palettes as time passes. Wallpapers with small figures are the best option, just like the one in the picture below.

Source: Decoist

You can use a wallpaper with a striking pattern to make it the focal point of your room. If you place the figures on the edges, you can define the limits of the room, and still make it look larger than it is.

The combination of a dark floor, walls with a striking color, and a ceiling with a light wallpaper, will give you a perfect visual balance. And if you use the forest as inspiration, just like the designer of the room below, the result can be quite surprising.

Source: Decoist

These are only a few of the many ways to use wallpaper on ceilings. Depending on your room, your needs and your color palette, you can use this particular design technique to achieve remarkable results.

Here are some of our favorite designs from around the web :

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