Handmade furniture artisans are becoming a rare breed as overseas bulk manufacturing quality improves making higher design more affordable.   There are however, companies that are thriving by employing fine crafting techniques that have become a lost art.

Wewood is one of those companies and is a relatively new brand on the market which was founded in 2010 by the research and development office of Moveis Carlos Alfredo, a company with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting furniture.

Wewood aims to make modern handmade furniture that’s simple and minimalistic using high quality materials and superior craftsmanship.  The modern handmade furniture pieces are amazing additions to small offices and modern homes. Or just for people who like minimalism and simplicity.

Best testament to this minimalism is Metis.

Metis stems from the Greek word for wisdom, skill or craft. And we have to admit that a lot of wisdom and skill went into making of this desk. It was designed by Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos. It resembles old fashioned school tables, but it with abundant space inside! It features three pull out drawers and a hinged desktop for those organization junkies. You can get Metis in various woods, including: Natural Oak, Natural Walnut, Smoked Oak, and in Black and White finishes.  If you are a lover of modern handmade furniture, Metis is a furniture piece you should consider.

 Azores Dining Table

Azores dining table is another creation by Gonçalo Campos. Azores is a simple, minimalistic dining table that blends perfectly into every kitchen. Azores is equally an art piece as it is a dining table. It is made from solid oak and it comes in a fixed and extendable versions. Same as the Metis desk, Azores comes in 5 different finishes: Black, White, Smoked Oak, Natural Walnut and Oak. Unpainted natural finishing of Azores requires only minimal maintenance and it’s very easy to clean. The solid wood construction enables you to make repairs without worrying about damaging the table beyond repair. Azores dining table is an excellent choice for people who love modern handmade furniture made from renewable sources.

From simplicity to multifunction.

Multibanqueta Stool is multifunctional piece of modern handmade furniture that combines utility with style. This stool is designed by the Suricata Design Studio. Suricata Design Studio boasts a lot of experience in design, ranging from projects in aeronautics and automobile industry, to equipment and furniture. Multibanqueta translate to “multi seat”. It was designed to be an “endless bench”, linking multiple stools into a single bench. This is possible because every stool has “positive and negative” negative ends, like a magnet. Or just imagine every stool as a puzzle piece that fits another Multibanqueta stool. It’s also tall enough to use it as a small coffee table. You can get Multibanqueta Stool in Oak and Walnut version, with black, white, and smoked finishes.

The Carousel Sideboard

Think: Mad Men… Think: Office Drinking Culture – Forgoing simplicity for sophistication, Carousel sideboard achieves a strange mixture of minimalism and class. It was designed by Leonard Pfeifer, a well known British designer. Carousel aims to combine sophistication of a liquor cabinet with a modern sideboard that you would keep in your office. It features a solid wood frame with a slick marble top. What sticks out is the  turntable in the middle. This can be used to store liquor and wine bottles for easier reach. Carousel sideboard features two folding doors and internal shelves and four drawers. If you are not a fan of the carousel bar, you can get the Carousel version that doesn’t include one (but who would do that!?). You have a lot of variations to choose for this model. There is an oak and a walnut version and the marble comes in either calacatta or emperador. Carousel sideboard combines functionality and style. This makes it an excellent piece of modern handmade furniture.

The “Lover Seat”

Another excellent creation by Gonçalo Campos is the “Lover Seat”. Lover Seat also follows the patch of multifunctionality. This multi functionality makes the Lover Seat stand out. Why? Well, Lover Seat allows you to interchange parts, enabling you to transform it into a sofa, day bed, love seat or a chaise lounge. Interchanging parts isn’t that simple, but it’s made quite easy by following the handy guide. You can transform it into a sofa or a chaise lounge in a matter of minutes. Another thing that makes Lover Seat stand out are the looks. It looks simple and modern. This is achieved by the exposed frames made from quality oak and walnut. You may want simple red or blue fabric, but you can have them in more than 20 different colours. Lover Seat is a piece of modern handmade furniture that allows multi functionality and has an appeal for every home.

Fine Craftsmanship For A Price

It’s not surprising that handmade fine furniture comes at a price.  However, what is also not surprising is you get what you pay for. Considering many of these products are in the thousands of dollars (i.e. the Metis desk comes in at approximately $6000) – there are many production pieces from China that are also thousands of dollars without the quality behind Wewood.

Wewood furniture can be purchased online in the USA from HORNE : Shop Horne

Multi-store brand Resource Furniture offers the full line of Wewood in cities throughout the USA. Find A Showroom

In Europe, Wewood is more available with a full list of dealers on the Wewood Website

Other Wewood Products We Love:

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