Unique Kitchens – Backsplashes That Are Modern & Inspiring

A kitchen backsplash is an element that we often take for granted. However, they can make the difference between an average kitchen and a modern, stylish one.  But how do you achieve such a goal?

Traditionally backsplashes are made of tile, and if you want to make it stand out, a pop of different color or texture would normally suffice, but now sheet metal backsplashes are appearing in the trendiest of kitchens.

What are the advantages of a metallic kitchen backsplash?

Besides becoming a focal point in your kitchen, metallic backsplashes can make the space look lighter and larger when they’re made from a shiny brand new metal sheet. They can complement other metallic pieces in the design scheme (like chandeliers, lamps and other accessories). They look great in modern, minimalist, and rustic kitchens.

You can see it for yourself in the picture below. This copper backsplash gives the perfect amount of color that is needed to complete the design scheme for this kitchen. It’s impossible to imagine something different in its place. It even reflects the exterior like a mirror! The combination made by the backsplash and the copper ceiling lamp is impossible to ignore.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
Source: London Design Collective

This copper metal sheet has clearly been used before for another purpose, but it was reclaimed to serve as a backsplash. It’s colorful, striking without being extravagant, it complements the cooktop and it leads the eye directly to the blackboard, which makes it even more useful and practical.

Kitchen Backsplash - Copper
Source: Decozilla

You might want to forget about the “easy to clean” part with this particular backsplash. But there’s no way to deny that it gives the kitchen some well-deserved style. The way it completes the grayscale color palette, with the metal tiles and the shiny gray color, is remarkable. And it also makes a perfect background for the chandelier.

Source: Architecture. Art. Design

For a simple, almost industrial look, this brushed metal backsplash is a great alternative. It’s unassuming but doesn’t go unnoticed, and it matches perfectly with the cabinets, the cooktop and the faucet. All for a simple, modern, yet homelike kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Backsplash
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

For a modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and steel appliances, what’s better than a metal backsplash that doesn’t look like one at first sight? Fabricated by 12th Avenue Iron, its minimalist clean appearance makes a great background for the walnut cabinetry and the white cooktop.

Source: Dwell Magazine on Instagram
Photo: Christopher Testani.

Who would think that using a corrugated metal sheet for a backsplash could be a good idea? Certainly, someone did, and the result is outstanding. A great option if you want your kitchen to have an industrial appearance.

The best part of this idea is the fact that corrugated metal can be found anywhere. It’s inexpensive, easy to work with, easy to install, and you still get to clean it without much problem!

metal kitchen backsplash
Source: The Budget Decorator

Another example of a corrugated metal kitchen backsplash. Perhaps it’s not the most luxurious backsplash ever made, but if you want to keep it simple and still have something to show that few others have, then this is a great way to make a statement. It gives the perfect contrast to the traditional wooden kitchen, attracting the eye right to it without being the absolute center of attention.

Source: Kitchen Design Ideas

This backsplash is extremely as practical: it’s easy to clean, it leaves space for the outlet, and its magnetic properties make it perfect to leave notes or even the children’s drawings on it. These metal sheets are easy to find and easy to work with. You can even install this backsplash without professional assistance, just like Brittany Bailey shows on her step-by-step DIY project.

steel kitchen backsplash
Source: Pretty Handy Girl

A hammered metal sheet can also serve as a great, modern backsplash. The texture helps to avoid noticeable scratches or any other damage that comes to it (something you cannot achieve with polished metal sheets), and you won’t find two backsplashes that look the same since the hammering pattern changes every time.

Perhaps the only thing that can prevent you from installing a hammered metal backsplash from one corner to the other in your kitchen, is the fact that it takes time to achieve the desired texture on a small area. After all, this is a handmade work. So if you want to save money, it’s best to install this piece where you truly need it. This particular backsplash was made by the metalworker Richard Duca, for Annie Hall Interiors.

Finally, this metal flat sheet goes perfectly with a modern kitchen or a minimalist one. It’s a great addition if you wish for a utilitarian look. This single piece of metal is easy to clean, and it perfectly complements the stainless steel faucet (as well as any other stainless steel appliances in your kitchen).

Source: Remodelaholic

Which metal backsplash is best for you? Which one do you think it will go best in your own kitchen? Go through your needs and preferences regarding style, budget, and your willingness to spend more or less time cleaning up, and the decision should come easily enough.



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