Wallpaper is and forever will be a mainstream design element. Its easy availability and variety of styles can emulate any interior design trend, so its use has always been a contender for any renovation project. But trends are fleeting, and wallpapers are no exception to the whimsy of designers. Each year brings a new slew of wallpaper trends to be carefully considered, and 2017 has its very own caveats! Let’s look at just what’s in store for this year’s wallpaper design trends!

The Use of Geometry

The bold nature of a wallpaper can define the very ambiance of an interior, so choosing their patterns is carefully is critical. On that note, one of the hottest trends that has been taking the industry by storm is the geometric wallpapers. Geometry is a timeless design concept and 2017 has been all about reviving that certain trend. From large-scale stripes and lines to small complicated patterns, these wallpapers have been incorporating several interior styles; be it minimal, modern, retro or even contemporary. The geometric wallpaper trend is all about a clean, bold look that embodies the end consumers personality.

The Era of Artsy

Art inspired wallpapers is another hot trend that has been revived in 2017. These artsy applications are all about creating a mood for interiors. Furthermore, they may also reflect the personality of the client as well as the character of the architecture. Available in a number of patterns – from flowery to uniquely abstract – these wallpapers infuse the home with personality and understated elegance. The themes that follow these artsy wallpapers tend to run the gamut of whimsical to wallpapers that resemble fine art, with textures and patterns that will likely relate to nearly all homeowners with various taste levels.

The Year of Digitally Printed Wallpaper

Digital printers and printed wallpapers have revolutionized wallpaper trends. From classic to minimal and contemporary, there are all sorts of short run and on demand designs available in the market. The wallpaper aesthetic is a timeless one, but digital printing has certainly added a contemporary twist to the mix. Digitally printed wallpapers allow for short run, custom designs that can be customize and sized, so now a designer or DIY capable homeowner can customize the designs to suit their palate and aesthetic.



Product Reference:

FARROW & BALL – Interlocking Rectangles

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